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Dumpster Dive Desk

I love a good deal… and nothing beats free! 🙂  Mr. Fancee and I have been on the lookout for a desk to add to our apartment.  We’ve only been here together a little over a month, so decorating is a definite work-in-progress still.

On Friday (literally as we were about to leave for a camping trip), Mr. F excitedly informs me that he caught a glimpse of a ‘real sleek’ desk in the dump right outside our complex.  Let me take a moment and say, he knows how to speak my love language… Free decorating material for me? Yes, please! 😉

So it is not in perfect condition (it has several screws missing that we will have to replace), but overall, for a dumpster find, I’d say it’s excellent!

Free Glass Chrome Desk(Apologies for the picture quality, my phone camera is not the best…)

What do you think?  It’s definitely a departure from what I would call my ‘typical style,’ but I like the sleek lines and have been seeing other bloggers with very pretty glass desks.  So, for styling ‘pinspiration’ I found these pics…  (I tried to link back to the original source, but I wasn’t able to find sources for all since I gathered them from Pinterest)



So I really like this setup. (We definitely do not have the space for this…) But, I think it’s neat how they used an antique wooden swivel chair to soften the look of the glass and chrome.


unknown source

This photo shows the desk against the wall with a neat chrome colored lamp and black accents.  Also, I’m really digging the gray ghost chair… but I’m not sure that it would help blend the desk with the rest of our furniture.



This pottery barn desk is neutralized some by the upholstered chair and beige color scheme.

glass desk

Here is our little guy again.  You can see that his lines aren’t quite as sleek as some of the desks above, but we are going to try and remove the extra glass shelf to give it a cleaner look.

On a side note, I couldn’t resist putting a little bit of pretty on the desk.  How gorgeous is that peony?  I cut it at a friends house and am ecstatic to have real flowers in the apartment 🙂

Mrs. Fancee

What do you think of our find?  Have you had similar dumpster diving success?